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The surname Glazebrook as well as spelling variants like Glassbrook has been a part of the American fabric since its earliest days. Now, with a few clicks, find a relative (2800 + individuals), a family (1200 in database) or identify an ancestral line (38). The Glazebrook One-Name Study, through its database, documents the descendants from the first Virginia families to the later, English immigrants, as they migrate west in the US, eventually living in all 50 states.

Origin: The preeminent Glazebrook expert is Christopher Glazebrook. He began his research and writings in the 1960’s, forming the Glazebrook Record Society in England. One of his earliest publications was “The Mediaeval Origin of the Glazebrooks (1971; Third edition June 2012). See Chris’s feature article on right column “Glazebrook, of Glazebrook, CO. Lancaster”. A quick synopsis “The Glazebrooks took their name from the village of Glazebrook, which was probably so called from the broad stream by which it was bounded, on the east, by the river Glass or Glasebrooke derived from Glass or Glase and brook, meaning a blue/green brook (old Welsh + old English).” Through the decades the name has morphed into many spellings. Today in the US, fewer than a dozen still exist but the most prominent are Glazebrook, Glassbrook and Glasebrook. This site and study will reflect all spellings when supporting data can be found.

Site: The Glazebrook One-Name Study offers a unique generational perspective and presentation of research data. Families and individuals are still an important element but what makes this study different and important is how each family fits into ancestral lines, branches. See feature article on right column – “Glazebrook Families Branches” and the listing of the 38 identified branches. Now, as an example, when you view those Ancestry.com DNA matches you will be able to identify if those matches are from your branches or another. Eventually we will be able to tie our branches back to England. It is important to understand that this site is constructed and managed by genealogy enthusiasts not certified genealogist thus this site, although striving to achieve, does not meet the Genealogical Proof Standard. The most important aspect of this site is its relationship to the Guild of One-Name Studies. This mosaic of family generations will be preserved into perpetuity as part of the Guild’s commitment to preserve and convert the Glazebrook Families website into a Legacy site, available, if no administrator is available, for the public view indefinitely.

Navigate: Do not leave without exploring the website to find that individual, family, and or branch connections, but before starting please register. That is our way of being able to notify you of updates and other new website additions. We have just started so many of the web pages are not yet populated. When you find that person or family of interest, bookmark the page then check back with the site for new information or contact me to exchange information. If you experience any difficulty finding the desired information please use the contact form to tell me the names, approximate dates, and place of residence. We will get back to help with your desired search.

Contribute: The creation of this site has been and will continue to be a collaborative endeavor from interested researcher’s findings. Much research work has been done by many into their family’s line, so when those findings are added to a much larger undertaking, it benefits everyone. Thus, growth of the Glazebrook Families website is heavily dependent on individual researchers, like you, sharing comments, additions, or corrections. If volunteering appeals, we are looking for coordinators to manage specific branches and a webmaster. Whether offering new information, suggesting correction, or interesting in volunteering, contact me by clicking on the “Contact Us” index. Please come back often and help make the Glazebrook Families website a viable historical document for future generations.
Turk Glazebrook, creator and administrator Glazebrook One-Name Study and the Glazebrook Families website.

Goal: The continued development of individual and family data and content will always be a priority; however, the overarching goal is expanding the refinement of American branches. Then, when worldwide Glazebrook Families are added to the website linking those lines with the surname origins and families in England.
Phase 1 – build and solidify an all-encompassing lineage of individuals and families in the US
Phase 2 – begin to introduce families from other countries with the studied surname
Phase 3 – begin to connect the families between England and those in immigrated areas

DNA: In the future we will be establishing a DNA study for bearers of the Glazebrook and spelling variants surnames. In the meantime, if you are willing to share an existing test, plan to take a DNA test, or want to know more about the project please send us a message.

Acknowledgements: The Glazebrook One-Name Study would not exist without the effort of hundreds of individuals developing their trees and sharing, online, information about their families. Their devotion to their research has made the process of building an inclusive Glazebrook and variants database possible. From a worldwide perspective, no one has worked longer, harder, and produced more Glazebrook content than Chris Glazebrook from England through the Glazebrook Record Society. He truly has been a preeminent authority and to many of us an inspiration to continue and persevere in our Glazebrook research.

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email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.